Care For Others (CFO) is a humanitarian organization that aims to help the oppressed people

around the world who live under terrible conditions caused by civil war, poverty and other crisis.


Every day, people in different parts of the world are in desperate need of emergency aid and relief.

It is a crucial matter for people and their daily lives to function. The emergency aid and relief helps

us understand the different situations more effectively in such way that people will be assisted in

every possible way. Sometimes a certain area is struck with a calamity which demands a quick and

fast reaction to what is necessary. Other incidents may require a long-lasting aid and relief e.g. a

sudden outbreak of war which does not seem to end. There could also be a vital need for

humanitarian aid and relief in lands of extreme poverty.

Care For Others (CFO) is dedicated to help and aid with a prolonged effort and emergency relief,

not only now and here, but also with long-term goals. It is important for us to find the best solution

in our work.



The emergency state of Syria is devastating since the uprising against president Bashar al-Assad

broke out. Many people have lost their lives and many refugees have fled. Others are still living

under horrible conditions in the surrounding neighbor countries.

The war has forced the different population groups to be at areas where there is lack of basic

supplies and resources like food, water, heat and medicine etc. Therefore, it requires a huge effort to

establish emergency aid and relief different areas in Syria.

There are many different resources available in Syria like fields of grain and wheat that can be

derived and used to produce bread by establishing much needed bakeries, which can feed the

affected people in the exposed areas.

CFO will primarily focus on the following projects:

• Bakeries

• Basic food supplies

• Water

• Medicine

• Educational materials for children

In order to accomplish our goals and projects we need every means of financial support.


Contributions can be submitted to our bank account: 2104

Account no.: 0748148388


Care For Others consists of volunteer Danish citizens who try to contribute their best to improve the

lives of people in need. The members of the organization Care For Others are all educated people,

ranging from practical educations to university educations. The aim of Care For Others is to work

globally and try to help children, young people and adults who suffer from hunger, disease and war.

We are working on various projects, and now we are focusing on refugee camps or similar exposed

places around the world.

In order for children and young people to have a safe and healthy future, it is very important that

they become educated which Care For Others is committed to work on through donating various

educational materials such as:

• Chairs and tables

• Books

• Bags

• General educational equipment


Besides helping children and young people with a better future, the most important for Care For

Others is the health of people who are mostly exposed to crisis. Therefore, Care For Others is

working on delivering the most important basic needs which every human being has right to as:

• Food

• Clean water

• Medical care

• Clothing


“In the spring of 2011 began the conflict in Syria, which later evolved into a civil war. The war has resulted in that many have been displaced from their homes. People sleeping on the streets, in tents or in small concrete houses.

There has been turned upside down on their daily lives, and many children who have been the most vulnerable in this conflict, have lost either their mother or father. Or both. This is a tough condition that is hard to describe unless you have experienced it. When you look in the children’s eyes, will be in one glance second see that they’ve been through hard times. Their eyes tells a cruel story.
For each day that passed, could it be seen in the media that the conflict was getting worse, so I chose the February 2013 a trip to Turkey along with a relief organization to help the refugees who were driven from their homes. I visited various refugee camps and could finally put myself in their situation. They lived under difficult conditions and with a life that was full of worry and anxiety. While I was over there, I could not stop thinking about how great a difference there is, to live in a place where there is peace and to live somewhere where there is constant conflict, death and destruction.

On April 13, 2013 I and other volunteers chose to set up an emergency relief charital organization which was Care For Others. An association that aims to help those who need it.”


Magdi Nassereddin

Chairman, Care For Others.